Greenlight Forms systems are custom-coded to your exact needs and procedures. Like custom kitchen cabinets, these form systems are uniquely designed to fit your school’s needs and workflow. After learning about your school’s special requirements and use cases, we can deliver an specific quote for your project.

Typical One Time Setup Fees

Because each Greenlight Forms system is customized, there is an one-time setup fee to create the system and match it to your school’s unique workflow. Basic Greenlight Forms packages require a one-time setup for creation and customization.

 One-Time Setup Fee
1 Form System*$299
2-3 Form Systems*$249 each
4-6 Form Systems*$199 each
More forms, or more complex systems*Request quote

*Each form system includes:

  • 1 “Submission form”
  • 1 “My Requests” portal
  • 1 “Approval” or “Review” portal
  • Admin controls, including management of users and email notifications

Annual Fees

Once running, annual pricing depends on how many form submissions you need. These fees are for data storage, transmission, and management.

 Annual SubscriptionSubmission Limits
Starter Plan$29/yrup to 100 form submissions /month
Silver Plan$79/yrup to 500 form submissions /month
Gold Plan$149/yrup to 1,500 form submissions /month
Platinum Plan$199/yrup to 3,000 form submissions /month

Need more? Request a quote  

Get Started!

To get started, please request a free consultation. There is no charge until your forms are ready to use.

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