A Closer Look: Personal Day Requests

To get a better idea of how Greenlight Forms works, let’s look at a sample Personal Day Requests system. The system is designed to make requests, approval, and feedback quick and easy, improving turn-around time and communication.

The system below is only a sample. Your system will customized to match your exact form and workflow.

1. Visit the school’s Greenlight Forms landing page

Each school/district gets its own Greenlight Forms landing page to house all of their active systems. To get the Personal Days form, a staff member clicks the Personal Days box and then click to submit a new form.

Looking to try out a live sample? Contact us for access to a sample Greenlight Forms system to try it out!

2. The Request Form

The form is simple to use, and allows to staff members to specify sub coverage for the requested date.

When the user clicks “Submit for Approval,” they automatically receive an email receipt of their request.

3. The Approval Review Portal

When the form is submitted, the superintendent gets an email notification. She logs into the Review Portal to review any outstanding requests.

After reviewing the form, the superintendent clicks “Approve” or “Deny…” on the request.

A confirmation window appears, allowing her to edit or customize the default message and/or send special instructions to office staff.

4. Instant Feedback

After a request is approved, it automatically emails the requesting staff member, the school secretary, and/or anyone else, such as the sub caller or the bus company.

You control who gets these notifications via a convenient management screen. Each school’s office can easily adjust who gets notifications when a form is submitted, approved, or denied.

5. Control Access

The office can also manage access levels. For example, perhaps the secretary needs access to edit field trip detail, but only the principal can approve trips. Maybe assistant principals can look up trips but not edit them. Teachers can look up their own trip but not anyone else’s. The control is up to you!

6. Special Feature: Restricted Dates

This district has contractual language that prevents personal days adjacent to holiday weekends. Because Greenlight Forms is a customized solution, the Personal Days system has a special Restricted Dates feature, not found in other forms, that warns the superintendent if a request was submitted for one of these dates. (In this case, it is a warning only, and the superintendent still has the authority to approve, based on circumstances.)

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