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Greenlight Forms gets school administrators out from under trivial paperwork and back into education!

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Control the chaos!

Greenlight Forms is a data management system that streamlines the submission and approval of your school’s forms.

Your Forms. But Better!

Each Greenlight Forms system is customized to match your existing forms and workflow.

The Secret Sauce

Anyone can make forms. What sets Greenlight Forms apart are the Review and Approval portals that cut hours off of processing time.

Start Big or Small.

Start with one form system, or develop an entire suite of interconnected applications.


Easy Approval

Approve or deny forms with a few easy clicks.

Custom Notifications

Notifications your staff automatically when forms are submitted, approved or processed.

Control Access.

Manage your users and control access and permissions.

Real-time Feedback

Instant email notifications and feedback for your staff, plus a portal to check on the status of their submissions.

Priced with schools in mind

Greenlight Forms is surprisingly affordable. Schools shouldn’t need to break the bank to get a useful, streamlined workflow.

Pricing details

Find out more about how Greenlight Forms can help you streamline your school office’s workflow!

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